This is a ZiZi Gallery Limited Addition Product!
There are only 20 made for each of the unique colors.
Created by: Noam Leshem – Founder of KimoNoam

Pre-Order yours today!

KImoNoam is a brand of hand-made kimonos which was created from the desire to feel at home everywhere, to self-express, to feel liberated, embodying the freedom of love and security.

Since the 7th of October, I feel inspired to uplift our brothers and sisters and to all of us who survived that dark, painful day through my designs.


KIMONOVA started through a friend’s request to restore his sister’s kimono that burned in the traumatic Nova massacre.
My very good friends who survived also inspired this movement.

This special kimono is made of two layers of 100% cotton tetra, on which is an embroidered reminder that “WE WILL NEVER STOP DANCING“.
This is a big hug to you and to anyone who is hurting.

Noam Leshem
Founder of KimoNoam

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